Compagnia degli Chef

Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 52
I-20143 Milan
Tel. +39 02 86998453

The Compagnia degli Chef, brought by a group of over forty renowned Italian chefs, aims to promote Italian cuisine every day, enhancing its agro-food excellence and interpreting it with originality as well as with a focus on each land's peculiarity.

Two types of services are of corporate interest:
1) Show cooking, exclusive happenings (and, given the level of the chefs, unique in Italy) that turn events into a realm of taste, colours, scents and music. Free or themed programs can include culinary competitions among chefs, tastings or even talk shows with cultural insights. Guests taste the courses in buffet-style or placée dinners, lavishly organized and set up in tailored locations such as historic palaces, unconventional venues or luxury restaurants.
2) Cooking cup, one-of-a-kind competitions combining quality, gastronomic excellence and world-class expertise all in one. Participants challenge in the preparation of a course and/or a dessert under the supervision of starred chefs and the evaluation of a jury composed of starred chefs as well. The outcome of such events isn't only a strengthened team spirit, but also a sense of belonging and the pride of "being there".

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