specializes in hot air balloon flights, Promotional balloons, Tourist flights at 360°, team-building on balloons.

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e-mail: has a thirty-year experience in aerostatics; it is currently the largest organization for hot air balloon flights in Italy and among the first in Europe. It carries out both tourism activities such as passenger flights, incentive flights, mass demonstrations, participation and organization of aerostatic events, and promotional activities through either the use of balloons as advertising media or the designing and realization of inflatable advertising supports. The fleet is made up of a dozen variably sized balloons and is equipped with professional pilots and technicians with specific experience in this field. It has bases throughout most of Europe, as well as in Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia and many other countries. It also has correspondents in all the continents where this activity is practiced.


The service is divided into three types:

  1. Tourist flights throughout the year, in Italy. Flying in a hot air balloon is an extraordinary experience that is worth trying, exciting and relaxing at the same time, offering stunning views and a unique sense of freedom. Ballooning gives the impression of floating lighter than air while enjoying a 360° as a terrace. The silence is broken only by the murmur of the burner that heats the ball, you can either fly slowly and low to the ground, touching trees, fields and small towns, or stand up to 2-3 thousand meters of altitude in less than half an hour: no other aircraft offers this versatility. When flying in a hot air balloon you know the take-off point but do not know where the precise point of landing is, this is the philosophy and also the principle of balloon flight: aimlessly flying for the sake of flying favouring winds. Charbonnier Balloons, certified operator since 1982, will be pleased to welcome you on board.
  2. Promotional balloons, whose use can be programmed on numerous occasions both as a support to other initiatives and as a main attraction. Tailored advertising balloons of any form and size available on request. The balloons are produced by Cameron Balloon, an English company which is leader in the production of balloons, holder of the main world records.
  3. Shows and events: the aerostatic rallies organized by, with the presence of pilots and balloons from all over Europe as well as from many parts of the world, are an original initiative to promote the location where they are carried out and to attract visitors. The rallies range from three to 50 or more balloons. The balloons are produced by Cameron Balloon, an English company which is leader in the production of balloons.

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