Revolution is a new marquee in the Eurotend product family. This extremely elegant solution is constituted by a modular, conceptually innovative building with a pyramidal roof suitable for several event types: fairs, exhibitions, sport events, meetings, fashion shows, parties and ceremonies, as well as warehouses, logistics facilities, work stations and manufacturing facilities.

The bearing structure and installation elements are made from anodized aluminium and zinc-plated steel. Revolution stability is ensured by brackets fastened on steel plates, which are anchored to the ground by means of nails and/or ballasts. Structure stability is ensured even further by a steel bracing system. The characteristic “saddle-shaped” tarpaulins are made from Class 2 fire-resistant, opaque white PVC. A flashing system under the roof collects and drives moisture to special gutters at the roof sides for wastewater drainage.

Revolution is composed of 5x5 m of modular structure reaching a maximum width of 40 metres, with 5 metre multiples. The height of the sidewall may be either 6 or 8.50 metres. Other height types are available on request. The versatility of 5x5 metre modules allows the structures to be disassembled and reinstalled quickly, not only as a rectangle or square base but with several configurations, allowing you to meet any specific requirement.

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