ALF Service, company specializing in communications, set design and lighting for large events, for conventions and product launches as well as for annual meetings or sales meetings provides corporate event lighting services with advanced technical equipment and scenery. Thanks to these devices the presentation is literally brought up to a new dimension and its message multiplies its impact. Using the so called Lighting Balloons you can illuminate areas from 1,000 to 12,000 square meters, and also get great branding opportunities (the balloon can be customized).

ALF provided many events with its lighting balloons: the MTV Music Awards in Rome, the MTV Days, and the concerts of Sting, Ligabue and Coca Cola Live; the Convention Sales Meetings & Product Launches of Cartier, Coca Cola, DHL, Ebel, Ernst & Young, Mercedes, Nestlé, Vodafone and L'Oreal; the fashion events of Hugo Boss, Corneliani, Moncler and Classico Italia; the Cannes Cine Festival parties, the Genoa International Boat show gala dinner and the Venice Cine Festival; and, among the sports events, the endurance world championships, the America’s Cup, the Goal 4 Africa and the Golf Non-Stop tournaments.

With a talented staff of experienced designers, ALF Service gives technical support to the event agencies to make as effective as possible the communication within their meetings, providing solutions using up to date cutting edge technology. Projects can be rapidly visualized using 3d renderings and model prototypes, ensuring that the client fully understands the creative idea and its potential.

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