In the charming setting of Villa Miani, one of the most exclusive locations in the Italian capital city, over 2,500 people gathered to a gala dinner to which the set-up by HR Tours provided a valuable seal of atmosphere.

Vintage cars, used as furniture, were placed both inside and outside: ten Vespas and as many Lambrettas from the Fifties to the Seventies, a Ferrari of 1963, a Fiat "Topolino" of 1947, a Cinquecento of 1960. Such a parterre would entice and excite anyone, not just fans – it was a real "live" with our recent past.

And, icing on the cake, twenty actors dressed up as “paparazzi” and two photographers provoked remembrances “Dolce vita” and “A Roman holiday” style, thus depicting our best years, unique and happy. At the entrance guests were welcomed as true stars, under a storm of flashes on a red carpet, and each participant had a photograph – specifically placed – in front of the vehicles or inside them.

An unforgettable evening, veined by continuous applauses, enthusiasm and perhaps melancholy.

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